Hello America. In our first blog, we will introduce the reasons we started Just Us Enterprises, We believe in Justice. One definition of justice is dealing with somebody or something fairly. In our search for emergency disaster preparedness supplies, we wanted quality. However, quality comes at a higher cost than non-quality products. We searched for quality with a price that reflects fairness. We found what we were looking for and this gave us our slogan Justice in Quality, Fairness in Price.

We established Just Us Enterprises, an emergency disaster preparedness company, to help individuals, emergency management organizations, classrooms, office personnel, campers and just about everyone who drives, with survival kits, first aid kits, long-term food and disaster preparedness supplies. We have learned from more than one occasion what it means to be prepared. Through experience, we ran into the pitfalls of not being prepared adequately for our personal disasters. We never want to have anyone be a victim of a disaster. However, disasters are like bugs while you are driving down the road on a warm humid night. They come from nowhere and then splat they are on your windshield. Emergency disaster preparedness in today’s world is a necessity, not an option. Kind of like that windshield, being prepared provides safety in a disaster.

In our lifetime experiences, we have endured tumultuous times. We always thought we were prepared until we found out that we were not prepared satisfactorily. From the Nor’easters, in New England, the hurricanes that hit New York, New Jersey, Florida and Louisiana, to tornado ally in the Midwest, which was devastated this spring, to the wild fires that are hitting the west and the floods that are in abundance across the country. “From sea to shining sea,” America, we have learned that we need to take charge and to be ready for any kind of disaster, be it natural or man-made, as with the Boston Marathon bombings or Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut and tragically, too many others.

No matter what part of our great country you live in, there is a probability you may become part of an emergency situation. You may be a homeowner, office worker or an electrician, maybe you are a medical professional, or first responder. You may be a student or even have been a victim. The need to be prepared is now.  FEMA recommends a minimum 3 day supply of food and water. If your neighbor has the supplies, you need, you may be able to use some, but what if your neighbors’ house was destroyed? How would you be able to help them? When disaster strikes, Americans have always united and helped each other.

We as a country have learned that the government must but cannot immediately, due to its sheer size,

a)      analyze a situation,

b)      determine what needs to be done,

c)       figure out the logistics of what kind of aid is needed,

d)      how is the aid going to be transported,

e)      gather enough men, women, shelters, food and equipment, and

f)       send all that manpower, supplies and equipment to the location where the disaster occurred.

This is not meant to criticize our government, (I proudly served in the United States Marine Corps); on the contrary, I am just stating a fact, all those things take time, it is a logistics nightmare. Our country has over 313,900,000 people, we are a proud people, and we should prepare ourselves at minimum, at least long enough so that the wheels of government can do their thing.

Thank You,

Just Us Enterprises