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Hello America. Today we will explain where our logo, slogan and name came from. We wanted to have some kind of warning sign. Similar to those yellow diamond road signs that tell drivers what is ahead in the road, such as a stop sign, curve, or construction work. These signs inform drivers of potential dangers in the road. Likewise, as an exceptional Emergency Disaster Preparedness company, we desired a logo that would warn people of potential danger and to be prepared for an unexpected event. Our logo also complements our auto survival kits.

Logo 11.17.2015 (png) - Square

In our quest to design an appropriate logo, we hired Professional Learning Institute. The team at Professional Learning Institute (PLi) designed our logo. The excellence in their work, and their understanding of our concerns, make PLi true professionals in our opinion. Our yellow warning sign with flames and water, which also can be construed as fire and ice, warns and alerts you of a possible danger. We checked with PLi and found that they designed this logo solely for Just Us Enterprises. Thank you.

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Federal Emergency Management Agency (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The dangers of not being prepared could be hazardous. On the other side of the coin, being prepared for a disaster will, at minimum, give you the food, water, and basic necessities that you will need in an emergency. FEMA recommends at least a 3-day food and water supply.

Weather can create fires, floods, ice storms, blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes and a host of other weather related calamities. Earthquakes and other natural disasters will disrupt natural gas, water and sewer lines, roads, bridges and communications. Terrorism will cause a lockdown in your office, school or city. Our logo, was created so that you can easily distinguish Just Us Enterprises from others, and you are assured that you are purchasing quality products.

We wanted you to be aware that similar to a tornado or lighting, disastrous situations come about quickly and with little warning. This is why our opening picture depicts both.  Emergency Disaster Preparedness, a division of Just Us Enterprises, provides survival kits, auto kits, food, water, and preparedness supplies and equipment, as recommended by disaster preparedness organizations and the U.S. government.  We provide the highest quality survival kits in the industry. Our survival kits were designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry. It follows guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations.

Finally, you are probably wondering why “Just Us” is in blocks. The blocks represent the strength we have as Americans and we are all “Boston Strong”.  Sure, like the bricks in our name, the blocks look a little rattled, but they are sturdy.  America, Just Us Enterprises is your source for all your emergency disaster preparedness survival kits, long-term food, first aid kits, auto and pet emergency supply kits.

Just Us Enterprises, our name comes from the reflection of us, as a family, as a company and as a nation. It refers to our stamina, our strength and our resolve in Justice. We are committed to quality products, fairness in price, and doing our small part in keeping America strong.

Thank You,

Just Us Enterprises

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