Survival Pal
Survival Pal

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There are many kinds of Survival Kits.  The contents vary from the “What’s that for?” to the “I wish I thought of that.”

Excellent survival kits should include enough food, water and equipment for a minimum of three days.

Deluxe Survival Kit
Deluxe Survival Kit
4 Person Deluxe Survival Kit
4 Person Deluxe Survival Kit

If you think about it, 3 days is a very short time.  While in college, it could take longer than that just to write an essay.  It is hard to imagine not having enough food for such a short time.  As a college student, I would get so involved with my studies that I lost track of time.  This led me to eat almost anything available.  Of course, the pizza house was closed by the time my stomach would rumble louder than the trucks going by.  I felt as though I was on an involuntary hunger strike.  Most college students have a budget, and food generally comes after tuition, books and lodging.  Today a pizza generally runs about $20.00 with tip.  The pizza guy shows up and by the time you get the money to pay for the pizza, half of the dorm has entered your room.  Everybody wants to be your best friend.  You would be lucky if you actually snagged a slice before it was all gone.  You may be thinking that sharing is good but the bully from down the hall always seems to be first in line and never buys.  Survival of the fittest dictates the smartest survive, not necessarily the strongest.

You could argue that a 250-pound bully could really harm your bag of bones, but if you were smart, you would avoid that guy.  My point in case is the Neanderthal man; he was big, rough and fortunately for us, not too bright.  His demise came shortly after our intelligent species arrived.  Now that I made the case that smarter is better, are you prepared to survive?  Do you have the tools to survive?  Do you know what you need to survive?  Well, that is where we come in.  We give you the straight scoop, no fluff.  You will see the need to be prepared for an emergency or a disaster.  If you are a camper, or first responder, we carry what you require.  If, however, you are a student, we can supply you with good tasting quality food that is easy to make and you will not have to feed half the dorm.

Survival, defined loosely as the act of staying alive, means pretty much the same thing to everybody; the basic needs for human life to stay alive.  These basic needs include food, water, shelter, and warmth, and as the Neanderthal man did not have the knowledge of; fire.  We are an emergency disaster preparedness company, as such; we provide long-term food, water in packets approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, tents, blankets and waterproof matches among other emergency gear.  We cover the essentials to survive.  We also carry tools, equipment, first aid, information and supplies to assist you in surviving an emergency, a storm, power outage, disaster, or a lock down.  As far as that bully from down the hall, let him get his own food survival kit.  You can still share, but it will be less costly than supplying him with your pizza.

60 Serving- Entree Only Grab n' Go Bucket
60 Serving- Entree Only Grab n’ Go Bucket

Our food survival kits come in as many varieties as possible.  They range in price from a one-day box kit (about $ 6.00), all the way up to a year’s supply of food that includes three meals per day (currently priced at about $6,900.00).  Our favorite for college is the 56 Serving Grab n’ Go Bucket and the 60 Serving – Entrée Only Grab n’ Go Bucket.  You cannot beat the price per meal – less than $2.00 per serving.  That is a month’s supply of food.  Just think of the money you will save on take out.  The best part is you can store it under your bunk or in your locker for up to twenty-five years (excellent if you are a career student).  They are simple to make; just add water, stir and eat a tasty meal at any hour.

Water, is a mandatory substance that all life forms, as we know it, require.  You are not just going to fill up the tub and expect it to last five years, uncontaminated.  We can provide you with quality water that you can store with your food, that will last five years.

Shelter is a shield from weather or danger.  Shelter can be limbs from a tree made into a lean-to, a tent or even an underground bunker.  Just Us Enterprises provides basic shelter in the form of tents at this time.

  • Warmth is required as a fundamental need.  Human beings are not designed to withstand the harshness of winter, or temperature extremes, therefore, we provide blankets, ponchos, and equipment.
  • Fire, you must have a means of making fire, a couple of sticks and string rubbed together, a flint, or better yet waterproof matches.  We use fire on a warning sign as our logo, because it represents both a warning and the basic requirements of life, warmth, light and comfort.

There are numerous disasters occurring worldwide.  We could not list every item in every survival kit we carry, because it would be overwhelming for both you and us.  We do have an entire list for each type of survival kit we currently carry.  For students, we would like to recommend the deluxe survival kit.  The 400-Calorie Food Bars will keep your stomach from waking up your roommate and the backpack can double for a book bag or weekend escape bag.  Included with the deluxe survival kit is a 5-in-1 Survival Whistle, essential for alerting others of danger or signaling for help; and a sewing kit for those times when a missing button or torn shirt just is not appropriate.

Being prepared for an emergency or a disaster during a multi-hour lockdown in advance could save a life or at the very least keep you more comfortable under less than desirable conditions.

Come and visit us as we revamp our websites.  Contact us because for a limited time we offer free shipping on selected food products.