Help Flag Hello America:

Today, we are hearing that the Capitol was under a “Shelter in Place” order due to shots fired.  This unprecedented event in our nation’s capitol, while the government is shut down only emphasizes the need for lockdown kits and emergency survival kits.  America, we must prepare ourselves for these unexpected and traumatic occurrences.

FEMA called back some of its employees that were out on furlough due to the shutdown.  It is being reported that a Police officer was injured.  How does one “shelter in place,” a government term that translates to mean lockdown?  It means that you must protect yourself and keep out of the dangerous situation. A lockdown order invokes an innate survival instinct and means you need to find a place to withdraw to. CNN reports that those affected were instructed to withdraw to interior sections of the building.  A lockdown means having supplies to properly sustain yourself for what could just be a few minutes or as in the Boston Marathon bombing, many hours or possibly days.

A lockdown, or shelter in place order, requires that you must be prepared.  You will need the basic elements of an emergency survival kit or a lockdown kit.  It is recommended that you have both kits, as no one knows how long it will take for the events to get back under control.

While the government is shutdown, and now locked down, tropical storm Karen is expected to approach the northern gulf coast on Saturday. Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, and Florida need to be prepared from this storm.  Unfortunately, the following was posted by the National Weather Service (NOAA);

Due to the Federal government shutdown, and most associated web sites are unavailable.
Only web sites necessary to protect lives and property will be maintained.
See for critical weather information or contact for more information about the shutdown.

NOAA Federal Employees: For access to the Notice to Federal Employees About Unemployment Insurance (SF-8), please Click Here.:

Well, there you have it, just another example, or two, as to why we need to prepare ourselves from danger.

Be safe, be prepared have a survival plan, survival kit(s), provisions, water and equipment.

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