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Many people are unfamiliar with the term ShakeOut. ShakeOut is preparing us for an earthquake by performing drills, similar to fire drills only for an earthquake, and being prepared with resources after an earthquake occurs. Not only do you have the need to know what to do, but you must also have food, water, equipment and tools available after an earthquake strikes; especially major earthquakes. ShakeOut.org is a global organization that has over 23 million members. ShakeOut’s goal, is to “better prepare ourselves for major earthquakes, and practice how to protect ourselves when they happen.” http://shakeout.org/partners/

Aftermath of San Francisco earthquake.
Aftermath of San Francisco earthquake. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Earthquakes are violent tremors in the earth that are generally followed by aftershocks. The magnitude of the earthquake determines the amount of damage it will cause. A minor earthquake can actually go from practically unnoticed to earthquakes that cause tsunamis and kill thousands of people. Some people are not aware of the disastrous effects caused by the shaking of the earth. Dangers from broken water mains, collapsing buildings, fires, rupturing of natural gas mains, electrical grid interruptions, road and bridge damage and lack of supplies are all results of major earthquakes. The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 killed approximately 3,000 people and destroyed most of the city. More recently, the Northridge, California earthquake in 1994 killed 60 people, and left 7,000 injured and 20,000 homeless. On November 06, 2011, there was a quake outside of Shawnee, Oklahoma. The USGS website, will provide hundreds of occurrences of earthquakes. It is amazing and frightening how many and how catastrophic they can be.

Many government agencies are concerned about earthquakes, FEMA, the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and even President Barrack Obama support protecting and preparing for many different types of disasters including this topic. So now what should do you do when an earthquake hits. In addition, important information is what you should NOT do. What do you need? Where can you get supplies?

What you should do

ShakeOut.org and other agencies recommend, as does Just Us Enterprises, the EmergencyDisasterPreparedness.com Company to:

Drop to the ground

Preferably, under a table or desk, if not available do not try to outrun the earthquake, go to a corner of the room lie down on the floor, so you are not knocked down


Cover your head and neck, because most injuries occur by falling objects

Hold On

To the desk or table to protect yourself 

What you should NOT do

  • DO NOT get in a doorway! 

  • DO NOT run outside! 

  • DO NOT believe the so-called “triangle of life”

The above recommendations are from the www.shakeout.org/dropcoverholdon/ website. It is strongly suggested that you visit this site for INFORMATION THAT IS MORE DETAILED.

What do you need

  • An emergency disaster preparedness plan, see our blog titled Emergency Plans| Safety Tips

  • Earthquake kit or emergency survival kit that includesEarthquake Disaster Kit

  • Food

  • Water

  • Hygiene

  • Tools and equipment

  • First Aid

  • Shelter and warmth

Depending on the circumstances of the disaster, it may take several days for help to arrive. Just Us Enterprises, an Emergency Disaster Preparedness company has what you need. Just go to our website, if you have any questions, or suggestions please send us an email.