Valentine’s Day as we know it, is a day to show our love to our girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands, partners and families. It is a day of giving simple gifts such as flowers, a box of candy or a note to a loved one.  It is a day to share your love, but how did this day come about?Rose Bouquet One would not readily think that a Saint’s beheading would have much to do with a day of love, but the truth of the matter is these two things are related.

The fascinating story, according to, takes place about 278 A.D. Emperor Claudius II (also known as Claudius the Goth and Claudius the Cruel) ruled the Roman Empire with savagery and ruthlessness. Emperor Claudius, concerned about the Empire’s diminishing armies, believed that the root cause of the lack of recruitment of men was the attachment they had for their wives and families.

The solution; to the lack of solders; thought Claudius, was to forbid engagements and marriages. Claudius II must have thought that without a wife or family to be concerned about, the armies’ forces would increase in number. However, there was a man, Valentine, who opposed the Emperor, and secretly married lovers. Eventually, Valentine’s acts, of uniting lovers, were discovered. Due to his actions for disobeying the Emperor, Valentine’s sentence, issued by the Prefect of Rome, was to be brutally beaten,  stoned, and beheaded. The date, February 14, the approximate year, 270.

According to legend, during his incarceration, Valentine becameSt. Valentine friends with the jailer’s daughter, and is also credited, by God’s enabling power, for giving her sight. Before his cruel execution, Valentine wrote a last parting note to her and signed it “From Your Valentine.”

Valentine signifies the love that we have for each other by his refusal to renounce Christianity. He showed us the strength of love and he gave his life for it. Sainthood followed his death.

Love for your wives and family, which is why Claudius II banned marriages, got in the way of his military conquests. Can you imagine not being able to be married or engaged? Can you imagine not having the right to be with or protect your family?

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From Your Valentine,