Smokey 11.6.13 (2)Earlier this month, we discussed classroom lockdown kits for our children and bringing to the forefront of our minds the importance of having survival supplies at their schools (Shelter in Place, the New Duck and Cover). Today, we will discuss having pet survival supplies for our loyal and faithful pets. Our dogs and cats depend on us for food, water, housing and protection. In return, they reward us with affection, playfulness and to some degree, destruction of our shoes, furniture and personal belongings. As humans, we have a tendency to overlook their aggressive behavior and allow our pets to lick us, follow us and lay on our laps. We reward their good behavior with toys and treats and lean to a more lenient punishment, probably because we know they will do the punishable deed again. Similar to our children, our pets depend on us, so it follows that we must also provide them with survival supplies.

As a child, I was fortunate to have a dog and two cats. My parents provided for their needs, I reaped the benefits of playfulness and affection. Now, history repeats itself, except in our family we have reduced the number of cats to one. As adults, we are the providers for our loved ones. Our dog enjoys helping to dig up the garden and shares her spirited joyfulness with us. Our ferociously feisty cat puts on the innocent act in spite of the dangling strips of cloth that used to be curtains. Ah, but the love they give far surpasses the damage they do. So next time when we buy the dog toys and cat treats, we will probably buy new curtains. Again.

I was against the idea of having a dog from the start. I used every excuse in the book. They smell, they eat too much, they incur expensive vet bills, you have to have them licensed, they dig up the yard, they bark at butterflies, and on and on went the reasons (to be more accurate – excuses). You probably think some of these reasons are either valid or outrageous, but by now, you probably are aware that I am currently a proud dog owner. Family one, me zero! However, the dog is my companion. She loves me with an intensity that I cannot describe, and I would not part with her under any circumstances. My dog (actually my wife’s dog), has become as much of a family member as our children. So, we bathe her, feed her, bring her to the vet, have her licensed and fill in the holes in the garden. However, like our children with all their misgivings, we would not give her up. The faithfulness, love and loyalty she gives us are unmatched. Therefore, as a responsible pet owner, we provide for her and the cat too.

Sandy (web)We were avid campers, before my injury, and inevitably, something would be forgotten, the leash, the dog bowl, a favorite toy; something always would be left behind. We found, in our search for quality survival kits for people, a quality survival kit for dogs and another for cats. If there is a need to evacuate, due to a natural or manmade disaster, in the chaos of gathering things together in a rush, something will be forgotten, hopefully, nothing important. A dog survival kit, or a cat survival kit may sound like it is not necessary, but in reality, it really is a good idea. The best advantage of these kits is that they come in their own bag. Our Pet Survival Kits were professionally designed for the comfort of your pet; each pet kit includes food, water, warmth, toys and bags for cleanup. Not only are these bug out bags necessary for a crisis like a hurricane, but they are also great for travel, camping and RVing too. Each Pet Survival Kit includes the appropriate contents for your cat or dog in a quality backpack and includes a first aid kit.

Most of us on the East Coast are familiar with hurricanes, those of us in the Mid-West have taken shelter from the threat of tornados, and the West Coast is known for their wild fires. (We also provide emergency kits for these types of disasters). The next time you are traveling or driving in the rain with your dog or cat, think about what it would be like not to have the necessary emergency essentials to keep them alive. You would not think about abandoning your children and leaving them to fend for themselves, and you would not abandon your pet either. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that you are doing the best you can for your family. Get a pet survival kit for those members of your family too.

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