California had a 5.1 earthquake on Friday, March 28, 2014. The result was over one hundred aftershocks. On April 1, 2014, the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ showed more activity off the coast of Chile with an 8.2 with a tsunami warning issued. The last 20 years in California have seen the least amount of earthquakes in recorded history. The question here is, where will the next quake hit?

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Did it start in California and work its way south to trigger this massive new quake off the coast of Chile? We do know that continental plates grind against each other causing earthquakes, but do earthquakes create a vibration so low and slow that they could rebound back to its starting point? Do these rumblings go to another place deep in the undetectable depths and come up near the surface as to create a new earthquake at a remote point? In other words, do earthquakes, like an echo, return the vibration back to its point of origin (in this case, California) which, in turn, may cause a larger, more destructive earthquake?

That is impossible! Is the idea really that far out there? An echo, as mentioned, leaves your mouth hits some far off place and returns. Acupuncture, uses needles at one part of your body that affects other parts of your body and with the exception of the pins, no internal sense of connection is felt between the two places. A mirror reflects objects. Could the magma below the earth’s crust act as mirror and reflect those waves and vibrations? In what direction would the vibrations go, back to the point of origin, or could the sea of lava bounce the reflection elsewhere on the globe?


Do earthquakes follow a rhythm around the Ring of Fire, like waves at the edge of a round pool?.

Not so long ago, a major earthquake and tsunami hit the Pacific southwest region of the globe. Not so long ago after that, there was the destructive earthquake off the coast of Japan, there were 21 earthquakes in Alaska  just today, and 118 earthquakes in the past 7 days! Then the California quake (Mar 28, 2014), and now Chile!  So here lies the question: Are these waves of the earth’s crust riding on the magma beneath going to continue in a circle, or do the magnetic fields at the north and south poles reverse the waves and send them back to where they started?

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