Protecting Our Children Takes Preparation

We are hearing that classroom lock downs are occurring more frequently. Acknowledging that classes are ending for the summer, and after a short summer, we, as parents, educators and first responders realize that classes will commence again. Now is the time to prepare our classrooms for the next onslaught of classroom and campus violence.

School Building - courtesy
School Building – courtesy

We hope that this cycle of violence ends, but the reality of violence is that it creates more violence. The media will display a violent act, and then someone will copy that act, repeating the crime in a similar fashion. Therefore, it (violence) propagates, and because of this, we employ more police, more security in our schools and campuses, more restrictions on what may and may not be appropriate, such as a miniature plastic toy gun or a real gun.

Lock downs, hardly ever heard of before the Columbine High School shootings, are now commonplace. In their classrooms, our students, faculty are unexpectedly instructed to shelter in place, as the alleged criminal wields his (or her) terrorist actions. So what can we, as parents, do while our kids are in school and we at work? The police and campus security can only attempt to end the situation. Sometimes, the terrorist’s act takes the life of innocent children or faculty members. Sometimes the life of security or first responder is snuffed out, like a candle’s flame.

As adults, we want to protect our students. As educators, we instill morals, and as administrators, our job is to delegate responsibility for the overall education system. Finally, as first responders, we try to prevent the danger of terrorism in our classrooms. However, we also need to provide some comfort, in our education system, for the needs of the students in a crisis.

The children, on the other hand must endure the shootings, the screams, the terror and the blood of the fallen victims. Many children are forever scarred, because they experienced an event such as this. In addition to the turmoil, are the screeching of bullhorns, the wailing of emergency vehicle sirens, the shouts of police and the ricocheting of bullets. Yes, sheltering in place is the best option in most cases, however sometimes it can last for many hours.

Help FlagTake for example the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, where children had to step over or around their bloody, fallen teacher. Imagine, for a moment, what if you were one of those small, defenseless, uncomprehending children. Imagine how stressful it must have been. Many of the children in these types of situations (and adults in workplaces), may be detained for hours.

Stress works on the body in such a way, that some of us have the need to use the bathroom. The children suffer within a school under siege, locked in a classroom, (hopefully with a teacher present), and no place to go to the bathroom. Just Us Enterprises, the Emergency Disaster Preparedness company provides Classroom Lock down Kits.

Start preparing now for the start of the next school year by either submitting a recommendation for every classroom to have a Classroom Lockdown Kit, or purchasing one for your child’s classroom. Whether you are in kindergarten or continuing your adult education, when you have to go, you have to go. Classroom Lockdown Kits provide a place to go that is lightweight, portable, comes with first aid, privacy and more. Another choice in Classroom Lockdown Kits will include food and water.

Your own Emergency Disaster Preparedness is the key to survival, and your survival depends on how well prepared you are. We must be prepared to give some creature comfort to the children and ourselves.