Happy 4th of July America

Courtesy TheSuperCars.org

Here are some interesting fast facts:

Who is the fastest Runner?

  • In only 3:43.13, Morocco’s Hicham El Guerrouj ran the mile on July 7 1999. (Rosenbaum, 2014)

What is a jet’s takeoff speed?

  • This is a complex issue because of the many factors involved. For example, the size of the aircraft, the takeoff weight of the aircraft including the cargo or passengers, the pilot, and the mechanics of the vessel such as the high lift flaps and slats. Depending on these and other factors, research has shown the average takeoff speed is 160 to 180 mph. However, the range varies between 130 to 225 mph to take off. (Airliner Takeoff Speeds, 2002) So, the answer is “it depends.”

What was the fastest recorded wind speed?

  • In 1934, Mount Washington, New Hampshire recorded wind speed at 231 mph.

What is the fastest recorded hurricane wind speed?

What is the World’s Fastest Car?

What is the Fastest Train?

  • The world’s fastest train is located in China, is the Shangai Maglev Train, with a recorded top speed of 311 mph. but its top operating speed is 268 mph. (Gross, Doug CNN, 2014)

What is the fastest tornado wind speed?


These very interesting facts of speed indicate that no matter the mode of transportation, airplane, car, or train, you may not be able to out run a tornado, wildfire or other disaster. How fast are you able to prepare for an emergency? Do you have the proper supplies?

Ironically, I am writing this while Hurricane Arthur is outside bending trees and flooding streets, but that is another story about preparing for a major storm.

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