“Your own emergency disaster preparedness plan is your key to survival, and your survival depends on how well prepared you are.”  J Janerico

We read, watched and heard the compelling news this past summer of:


The Ebola virus disease (EVD) is a killer virus recently causing a 55 % mortality rate of its victims. The transmission of EVD to humans is thought to originate primarily from fruit bats (among other animals). The contagious virus then spreads via bodily fluids from human to human. This is one of the largest Ebola outbreaks in history, and it is causing widespread panic, containment and quarantine for individuals and entire African countries. The WHO (World Health Organization) states there are currently no licensed Ebola vaccines. For more information on the Ebola Virus, go to the World Health Organization’s webpage on Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) recently updated September 2014.

The Enterovirus D68 is a severe respiratory illness-that currently affects children from the ages of 6 weeks to 16 years old. The severity of the Enterovirus causes immediate admittance to pediatric intensive care for those children afflicted. According to the CDC, “there are no available vaccines or specific treatments for EV-D68.”


The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria commonly referred to as ISIS, beheaded two American journalists and a British aid worker. The days of our idea that terrorism will never happen here have vanished. We must wake up and see what is happening around us. We have been at war since 9/11/01 that started over 13 years ago. Our enemies are many and want to destroy us. In response, we may have become overly protective to the point of absurdity, as in the case of the elementary school child receiving suspension for bringing a plastic toy solder to school; or possibly, we may have authorized the powers of authority, such as those in Ferguson, MO, to be excessively powerful.


There are confusing and contradictory statements surrounding the events of the shooting of Michael Brown allegedly by Officer Darren Wilson. This shooting initiated a peaceful demonstration in Ferguson, MO, that quickly turned violent between the protestors and authorities, which caused days of intense demonstrations.

Immigrants are flooding our border with Mexico and unfortunately, they are burdening our resources to include shelter, medical assistance, border security and other essential welfare. Sometimes these undocumented illegal immigrants create, either intentionally or unintentionally, tension and volatile situations with those assigned to protect our border. Let us not forget to mention the political friction that is currently happening between the state governments involved and the Federal Government.


The Israel and Gaza conflict continues with breaches in ceasefire truces. The US is still fighting in Afghanistan (with increases of advisors in Iraq), while ISIS attacks its fellow citizens, and threatens us. President Obama authorized airstrikes in Syria to assist in the degradation of ISIS. Russia is proclaiming it is rendering humanitarian aid to the Ukraine (with tanks and military at the border). Some believe Russia is invading the Ukraine, as they did in Crimea.


In June, Oklahoma surpassed California in the number of earthquakes; a 4.2 magnitude earthquake hit near Guthrie, OK on August 19. (Source: CNN Oklahoma earthquakes)


School shootings, lock-downs and fear are apparently on the increase although there appears to be contradictory numbers among the media. It is advisable to have your student’s classroom prepared with a lock-down kit. Unlike meteorologists, the perpetrators who bring guns to school usually do not forecast their intentions.

Natural events

Natural events, such as earthquakes, diseases, sinkholes and tornados, cyclones and wildfires demand our attention.

Sinkholes are occurring more frequently in Florida and reported as far north as Massachusetts.

Wildfires have burned approximately one million acres including homes businesses, and lives. The fires effectively have caused poor air quality. (Source: CNN Wildfires) The wildfires were so bad, that CNN reported California Wildfires Temporarily Suspend Search For Aliens

Weather – Extreme heat reported in the South with over 100 degree temperatures. Torrential rains  produced floods in Arizona, Connecticut, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York among other states. Colorado, Montana, and New Hampshire (Mount Washington) have reported snow in September already. A rare Tornado in Revere, Massachusetts, a first ever recorded in the coastal town. Hawaii had cyclones. The Old Farmer’s Almanac “predicts that this winter will be another arctic blast with above-normal snowfall throughout much of the nation.”

The weather always sends us a curveball such as the aforementioned freak coastal tornado and snow showers in August while burning heat scorches the mid and southern parts of our country.

A lot has happened in the past few months, so as we bring ourselves, reluctantly as it may be, back to the reality of school, work and home life; let us also prepare ourselves for an emergency. FEMA, the CDC, and the American Red Cross all recommend a survival kit that contains a 72-hour minimum of supplies.

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