Classrooms, Schools, Institutes, Colleges and Universities are increasingly being accosted with lockdowns and shelter in place orders because of shootings, threats and violence. These blindsided attacks on our students and faculty require us, as a civilization, to act appropriately and responsibly for the benefit of our children, students and loved ones.

In addition to police, fire and medical first responders, we require the besieged students to shelter in place (also know as a lockdown). The alternative action, of allowing students to flee, may cause them to run into the perpetrator’s carnage, which in turn may cause more injuries or fatalities.

Teachers, professors, coaches and staff must have a way to cope with the issue of a shelter in place order that includes sanitary necessities for the confined individuals. Extreme situations, such as a shooting in a school, cause stress. The additional stress can cause people to have the need to use the bathroom. Lockdowns in our educational facilities, as elsewhere, can take several hours or more to resolve. The need for people to use a bathroom increases as both time and stress progresses. Many people that are terrified and under a shelter in place order, may not have used the facilities prior to arriving in the classroom, will have the need to go. There is no sanitary place to urinate or defecate in a classroom.

This Basic Classroom Lockdown Kit includes 2 waste bags, privacy tarp and a first aid kit.

Just Us Enterprises the Emergency Disaster Preparedness company provides just such a solution with an easily stored Classroom Lockdown Kit  that will accommodate the needs of 30 people. Our Classroom Lockdown kit includes a 5-gallon bucket with a covered toilet seat. Inside the bucket are 2 bags with toilet chemicals, toilet paper, hand wipes, hand sanitizer and more. A tarp and duct tape are also included for privacy, and has a 37-piece first aid kit.

The Deluxe Classroom Lockdown Kit includes food, water, whistle and rechargeable radio with cell phone charger.

For a more comprehensive survival kit, we also carry a Deluxe Classroom Lockdown Kit that contains the contents of the Classroom Lockdown Kit and additionally includes 30 long-term food bars and 30 long-term packets of water, a hand crack combination radio, (flashlight, siren, and phone charger) and more.

Prepare your school, institute, college, university or workplace with a facility that provides a sanitary means of containing human waste, during a time of crisis, while simultaneously giving some privacy. Please pass this along to your instructors, school officials and your city or town’s budget meetings, and your boss.

Let us plan for a lockdown or a shelter in place order, by preparing our schools and workplaces with a viable alternative, as opposed to using the corner of a room as a bathroom.

Just Us Enterprises the Emergency Disaster Preparedness company provides products and supplies for emergency preparedness, camping, and outdoor activities. Our products include first aid kits, long-term food, survival kits, preparedness packages, water filtration and purification, and supplies, in addition to classroom lockdown kits. Just Us Enterprises offers quantity discounts and our products are designed following guidelines from government agencies and the emergency preparedness industry.

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