It ends. The year I mean.

We try to reminisce about the events of the year. Major events like back surgeries, lung surgeries, newborns and deaths may have affected us in our individual lives. Sometimes you may be fortunate and have the time to prepare yourself for an event, like getting diapers and bottles for a newborn. Other times you are not so fortunate to prepare for a catastrophic 2015 Calendaroccurrence, such as the unexpected lung cancer. We think about, better yet, call it summarize, the major events and file them away in our brains. We try to remember all the events that touched our lives, sometimes we feel as though we relive those moments.

There were the happy times of a child’s birthday by the poolside, or laying on the sand, on a beach, with your best someone. There were proud moments of accomplishments and not so proud moments like when the dog left a present for the cable guy. Many solders, Marines and a whole host of our military were discharged due to medical issues, some never came home, and we honor them. Accidents may have happened, sometimes very interestingly so; such as the time when a pickup truck drove through connecting fences, then thru a shed and only came to a stop after it moved the rear deck that was connected to the house. We remember, and worry, about the times with the children and grandchildren.

The hugs and the falls, the laughter and the curiosity of their world, astounds us. The children, however, attending our schools are under attack. Violence, created a need to protect the children while attending school. Shelter-in-place orders are the latest news headlines. Schools and educational facilities should have a classroom lockdown kit for sanitary reasons.

As the year passes thru your mind, you may have some regrets, but time does not care. Time keeps moving, as we must. So, think about the $10.00 bill you found, or the dog playing at the beach, or just holding hands. However, start preparing for the unexpected. The, ”It won’t happen to me,” scenario eventually catches up with you (or is it waiting for you?). Large or small, something will happen; “The lawnmower won’t start,” until the “did you check the gas” reminder was exclaimed and clearly heard. Oh yes, it will happen, prepare for it.

It” is described as Chaos, and Chaos sometimes exhibits itself as time, but time is multi-dimensional. Chaos is the combination and culmination of events both controlled and uncontrolled that create or cause an event, or a series of events, to occur. For example, we can create a miniature tornado but we cannot recreate a hurricane. Then, what happens Bubble_bathwhen the controlled tornado, becomes uncontrolled? The total sum of it is damage strewn every which way. Chaos is not necessarily always bad, either; bubble baths are bubbles that we control, thereby being fun and chaotic simultaneously. Chaos in our dimension is a way of life.

We are intelligent enough to know we cannot control events, so our best defense is a great offense. One of our great gifts as people is that we have the ability to learn from the past, interpret and apply that knowledge into something else. The defense against the rising chaos is to prepare ourselves for unforeseen events because we acknowledge what can happen. Have an emergency preparedness plan, preparedness supplies, food, water and first aid.

Have a safe, healthy and prepared New Year.

Emergency disaster preparedness starts with Just Us.