Emergency Disaster Planning

Chapter 1.3 Planning – the compiling of lists

3. Why are you preparing for an emergency or a disaster? 

 Planning for an Emergency or a Disaster

Why are you preparing for an emergency or a disaster?

Once you determine who and what the primary emergency or disaster focus is (road trip, storm, natural disaster, war, climate change, financial collapse etc.), then you can appreciate why we prepare for the unexpected. We prepare because we are survivalist, but we require things to keep us alive. We need comfort items such as clothing, shoes, coats, a blanket and a form of communication. We need protection from infections and injuries such as a first aid kit. We will require a weapon to protect members of the group and ourselves and a shelter to protect us from the elements. We need tools and equipment, knives, can-openers, hand tools, tarps, ropes and generators to run power tools. Supplies like pencils, paper, cooking utensils, lighting and a means to start a fire. We will also need fuel to run the generators and vehicles. As further comfort, we need hygiene and sanitation. Most of all, we need sustenance,OB22  Woods 0514 food and water (or a water filtration and purification system), and in copious amounts. Researchers have determined that water is more important than food for survival. A water filtration and purification system is almost mandatory for any major catastrophe because storing water in the recommended quantities per person could be a major space and weight problem. Delivering water over a stricken area is a logistical nightmare.

You do not need a year’s supply of food and water for an auto emergency kit, but if the area has a flood, you may need several days or weeks’ worth of provisions before rescue and help arrives. Whereas if a regional catastrophic event occurs, such as the earthquakes that hit Haiti, Chili, Japan or Nepal, or the Typhoon that recently devastated Micronesia, then a more comprehensive disaster preparedness strategy should be implemented.

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