Emergency Disaster Planning

Chapter 1.6 & 1.7 Planning – the compiling of lists

6. Where do you store your emergency disaster supplies?
7. When is emergency disaster preparedness necessary?

 Planning for an Emergency or a Disaster

Where do you store your emergency disaster preparedness supplies?

This is another complicated answer. Your supplies must be in a place protected from moisture, weather, animals, water, insects and other variables like freezing temperatures, heat, and the elements just to name a few. Protect your supplies from contaminants that may leach into your supplies, and put the food in food safe storage containers. There are plastic containers that are not food safe, and metal will rust overtime. Your life sustaining merchandise must be accessible to retrieve in the time of need, but secure from thieves. A bunker would be ideal, but a bunker is not practical for the average person.

Unless you are privy to insider information as to the type, place and time of the disaster, having many years of a food supply, water and emergency essentials stored in a bunker buried in a mountainside, may be futile if it takes hours to get there. It may be impractical, because of the uncertainty of road conditions and any number of circumstances that may prevent you from getting there. For example, a bridge to the BOL (bug out location) site may have washed away by floodwaters or destroyed by an earthquake preventing travel to the location. The road could be littered with unknown hazards such as fallen trees by a tornado, a landslide or drifts from a blizzard. There is another problem. People!

A similar Bushmaster rifle was used in the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, Killing 26.
A similar Bushmaster rifle was used in the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, Killing 26.

When disaster strikes, civilization, as we know it breaks down and anarchy takes over. People who want your stash are willing to do any number of things, including murder, so they can have it. They will take what they want by any means at their disposal. Proven time after time, people are their own worst enemies. People will beg, borrow, rob and steal from those who have what they want, even if they do not need it. I watched a video after Katrina hit New Orleans. The city was flooded, there was no electricity and yet, looters were stealing large screen TVs from a store. Looters run the gamut after a disaster, be mindful of this when deciding where to stash your emergency supplies. On the other hand, if you and your party were able to make it to your BOL, safely, it definitely would be worth having.

When is emergency disaster preparedness necessary?

Look around, the media always exploits the bad news, the more negative, the more sensationalized, the better the network ratings. Listed below are a few reasons to prepare for an emergency sooner, rather than later.

The weather forecasts of tornadoes and severe storms in the Midwest are in stark contrast with the California drought. Spring rains and this winter’s snowmelt threatened the Ohio Valley, the Northeast and the lower Mississippi River with flooding. This past winter, Boston’s snowfall recorded over nine feet of snow.

Wildfires, there were 6,526 fires covering 100,217 acres from the first of 2015 until March 13, 2015 (source: National Interagency Fire Center). Most of these wildfires were in the West.

Natural phenomena such as earthquakes (Nepal, Haiti, and Japan), volcanos (Kilauea in Hawaii, Italy, Indonesia, and Chile) and landslides are causing devastating damage.

X3.1 Solar Flare; Courtesy NASA/SDO Oct 24, 2014
X3.1 Solar Flare; Courtesy NASA/SDO Oct 24, 2014

Solar flares recently threatened and have the ability to disrupt electrical power grids, internet and communications, satellite and phone services.

Violence is rampant in our great land, from a dean at a Boston public high school accused of shooting a student in the head, to a man in Mesa, Arizona who shot four victims in multiple locations. Great cities are succumbing to fear and anger, because of the inequality in justice issue, causing anarchy to rise. 

Wars and terrorism add to our complex lives, should we be preparing for a war here in the United States? Some say war will never come to our country. Some say ISIS, or some rogue semi military extremists will invade our country in small groups at first, while making our leaders believe they are focusing on foreign targets. Others believe a revolution has already begun between civil groups as evidenced by the recent intense hostility between authorities and the people of Ferguson, Missouri, and in Florida, Chicago and Baltimore.

Some even further believe the revolution has already begun because of money, “the root of all evil.” When the market crashed in 2008, hundreds of thousands lost their jobs, only to regain lower wage earning jobs. Some never reentered the workforce. The statics claim the jobless rate is down, but so are wages. As wages decreased, prices rose causing those earning less to pay more for the same item. The huge and widening gap between the wealthy and the average and low wage earner is creating resentment. This ever-growing rift, between the rich and the poor, is causing a mindset in some people that they resort to violence to achieve feeding their families, or obtaining what they want. This type of animalistic and infantile approach to solving a problem is creating terrorism in our neighborhoods.

The when is now!

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