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Windswept Snow – Just Us Enterprises

During this holiday season, we reflect on the events of the year as we prepare for the season of giving. Our thoughts try to drum out the avalanche of bad news as we gather for the feasts of family and friends. We cannot help but ponder how terrible the events of the world are affecting us. You might be thinking of Paris or San Bernardino, or a loved one who has befallen hard times or became ill with a dreaded illness. Those of us, who moved beyond the immediate reach of a couple of hours ride, wonder how those that we left behind are doing.

Yes, we have Facebook and Skype, Twitter and the old-fashioned voice by phone, but the personal eye-to-eye contact, the almost imperceptible nuances of body language, and the inflections of each individual’s character is lost in this greatly changing world of the internet.  We have become glued to a machine, some of us now talk to our phones and computers, and sadly, the machine takes up most of our time. You can see your grandson or child, but you cannot put your arms around them, nor can you stop them from injury, but you can watch as they hug the puppy or drop the glass of milk and step barefoot on the shattered glass on the floor. The point is, the personal touch is missing and that personal touch is the feeling you have when you hold someone’s hand or give a hug. When was the last time you hugged your computer? You may have given the image of a person a smooch, but not directly to the person to whom it was intended. The computer could care less.

Images of people we associate with are not the only ones on the internet. We also have muggers, rapists, thieves and of course, terrorists. The computer is full of politicians, uncouth scoundrels and enough porn and solicitations to corrupt (possibly) the Pope himself. Our financial system relies almost entirely on the internet. We are shocked at the number and frequency of fraud, credit card thieves and stolen identities, but we continue to do business as usual. Hoping that we are not the next victims. My Father once told me “No matter how much you have, someone will always have more. Be satisfied with what you have, but always strive to be better, because good comes to good.” With that statement he added, “I worked hard all my life, I may not have much but I have what I need. I have the love of my family.”

Life’s lessons taught us the value of my Dad’s words. I too, have what I need. The love of the woman who sits beside me gives me the strength to get up every morning with a smile. Our children have blessed our lives with children of their own. Our thoughts are with our family, our friends old and new, and to those we do not even know, but try to help them to the best of our ability. When we were younger, we did not prepare ourselves for the events of our lives that shaped our fate. We did not expect illness, financial woes or disaster to affect our future, but it did. We were not prepared for the unexpected but it happened.

Unprepared. We learned, the hard way. We have endured our emergencies and disasters so we decided to help others be prepared for disasters, emergencies and crises. That is how our business, Just Us Enterprises got its name. Just Us, resonates our response to the wickedness and disasters that are occurring more and more frequently. People, make up the only species that we know of, which uses intelligence for the betterment or the detriment of themselves, that group of people is us. Just us!

Just Us Enterprises started out as a family business, and now we are including all Americans in our name – Just Us Enterprises. Just Us also is similar to “Justice,” also in our motto -” Justice in Quality, Fairness in Price.” This is who we are, a family business built on integrity, with moral values that loves and cares for others. We want to help people prepare for the unpredictable future because being prepared could save a life, maybe your own. Your own emergency disaster preparedness is the key to survival, and your survival depends on how well prepared you are. The government recommends what people should have in preparation for a disaster and we provide those essentials. We offer over 250 emergency and disaster products, supplies and provisions in addition to survival kits, food and water purification systems, therefore we add Emergency Disaster Preparedness to our name.

We are grateful to all of those who have helped us in the past, we are thankful to our valued customers throughout the country from Oregon to Florida, Ohio to Texas and everyone in between. We wish, hope and pray that all Americans will have a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year.


Just Us Enterprises – Emergency Disaster Preparedness