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Emergencies occur unexpectedly and disasters create destruction but preparedness requires education. Education as in the planning for the unexpected, preparing in advance of a calamity and procuring enough provisions and supplies to sustain your family, group or organization; at least until relief efforts can replenish and restore the affected area to some semblance of pre-catastrophe. The goal in emergency disaster preparedness education is to teach people that their first line of defense is themselves.

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We are inundated every day with news reports of horrific natural and man-made tragedies. Tornados destroy homes, businesses and places of worship, floods swamped entire regions in Texas and the South. Brussels, Paris, San Bernardino, the Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook Elementary School, to name a few, are terrorist activities intent on disrupting our way of life. One of the worst things is the self-inflicted failure of proper safety implementation standards by those we put into office to protect us. The following examples highlight the reason why we must be our own guardians and prepare ourselves for what appears to be a breakdown in advancement.

Reasons to Prepare For Your Family

The first example is the well-publicized water crisis in Flint, Michigan. The authorities in charge of providing clean, filtered and purified water to the residents of Flint instead provided brownish colored, improperly filtered, toxic water containing lead and other impurities to its citizens. Initially both the local government and the EPA assured the residents that the water was fit to drink. Months went by before the powers that be relented and admitted the truth. The water, currently contaminated with lead, toxins, pollutants and bacteria, is a serious health hazard. All of this is documented fact. It is scary how many children, young adults, the sick and elderly, will have to endure the health effects of lead poisoning and other unknown possible effects of additional pollutants in the water because the officials blatantly lied to the people.

Some assert that the water crisis in Flint was an oversight, then a news report stated similar lead contamination in the water reports in Cleveland, and in New Jersey and before long many large cities, concerned about the crisis reviewed their lead levels. Remarkably, just like the initial reports in Flint, the authorities state the water is good enough and is not a risk for consumption. One of these agencies involved included the EPA! The same EPA that said Flint’s water was not harmful until it rescinded their first claim. One wonders, who is overseeing the overseers.

Case two, involves the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration), another government overseer from Washington. This instance is a small article in The Sun Journal dated April 2, 2016, pg B5 titled “FDA proposes limit for arsenic in baby rice cereal.”

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As defined by the Encarta Dictionary (North America):

  • Arsenic is a “poisonous element – a steel-gray poisonous solid element that is a brittle crystalline metalloid. Use: in glass manufacture to remove impurities of color, in alloys to harden lead.”
  • Arsenic trioxide is a white poisonous solid that contains arsenic. Use: insecticide, rodenticide, herbicide, manufacture of glass and pigments. Formula: As2O3

The FDA, according to the article, “urged the food industry to reduce…the amount of arsenic found in baby rice cereals.” It goes on to say, “But the FDA says the guidance is a precaution as rice cereal is a leading source of arsenic exposure in infants.” As an alternative of suggesting a reduction limitation, why not enforce a limitation, or better yet, why not remove or eliminate the arsenic in the food we give our infants in its entirety.

The federal government agencies, such as the FDA, apparently believe poisoning infants with arsenic, in small quantities, is acceptable, just as the EPA believes lead in drinking water in Flint was acceptable for months. So, the question is, do you want to watch your infant die from slow poisoning or just to be brain damaged because the officials say it is okay.

Finally, in the investigation of water filtration and purification, we initiated an inquiry regarding the drinking water quality that our city provided. Reputable people informed us how healthy and clean and pure our water was. The salespeople from a whole house water filtration system company came by at our request and gave about an hour and a half or so presentation. After many different water quality “tests” they stated that we “needed to remove the bacteria (three times the normal amount) and chlorine (five times the normal amount).  It would have cost just under ten thousand dollars for the system. Knowing chlorine kills bacteria, I found it difficult to believe that we were drinking “water that has a higher chlorine level than a shocked swimming pool” and still contained a significant amount of bacteria. I know our water is a type of hard water, but it does not reek of chlorine. The salespeople were cordially escorted to the door.

Start Planning and Preparing Today

Flint residents were told their leaded drinking water was fine. Infants around the country are eating arsenic laden rice cereal and misleading salespeople are willing to take money out of your pocket. The point is, be it the leaders we put in office, or the salespeople that come to our home, sometimes, we run into deceivers that will say or do, what they think, we want to hear. We must educate ourselves and prepare our families with fact-based information.

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Prior planning prevents poor procedure! Do not take the risk and wait until you have an emergency or a disaster to start preparing for it. Make a preparedness plan, or read our  blogs Emergency Disaster Preparedness, Planning – How much and where do you go [Part 4 of 9] In addition to your plan, check your supplies with our recommendations (part of the same series). Have your own quality water purification system and long-term food by the nation’s leader in emergency and outdoor food. As you make your plans and buy your emergency provisions, buy them from a company you can trust. Do you need help making a plan or obtaining supplies? Visit our website; we have over 275 products for emergencies, disasters and the outdoors.

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