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Emergency  Disaster Preparedness Products for Home, Auto, Work and School

Just Us Enterprises – Emergency Disaster Preparedness features emergency disaster preparedness supplies, survival kits, (also known as bug out bags, 72 hour grab and go kits and other names). We provide emergency essentials such as long-term food, water filtration and purification systems, survival gear, first aid kits, hygiene kits and lockdown kits for the home, office, workplace and classroom. In addition to emergency survival storm and disaster kits, we have preparedness packages which contain multiple emergency kits, Each emergency kit contains specific products designed for each application, such as auto, children, pets, schools, workplace, storms and more  . We offer over 250 products to complement the basic life sustaining emergency essentials, such as camping and hunting supplies. In addition, we keep in mind that comfort during a crisis, however small, can help relieve some of the overwhelming stress that accompanies a disaster.

Camping and Outdoor Supplies

Our products are also used for camping, RVing, hunting and other outdoor activities. College students use these survival kits for weekend excursions and in their dorm rooms. The quality made, gourmet long-term food, made by the leader in outdoor and emergency foods, tastes great, is easy to prepare and sealed in Mylar packaging that can last up up to 5 years or more. These are filling, nourishing meals that only need water. So, if you are a college student with little time, a camper or hiker with weight limitations or a homeowner preparing your family for a road trip, severe storm or disaster, we have what you need.

Reliable Information

Just Us Enterprises strives to be the premier emergency disaster preparedness company. We are accredited with the BBB and offer advice and information from reliable sources such as FEMA, the American Red Cross, the CDC, NWS, NOAA and the emergency preparedness industry. We give helpful and knowledgeable suggestions from the planning stage for a disaster, giving trustworthy advice and recommendations to assist in disaster preparedness, to preparing for the future, after a catastrophic event occurs.


For your convenience, we are a one stop shop for emergency and disaster preparedness geared for either a short-term or for a long duration crisis by providing long-term food buckets, that last up to 25 years, first aid kits and first aid items, water filtration and much more. We supply families, small groups, contractors or medical teams to care for the injured up to organizations with disaster relief efforts.

We provide quality products designed for emergencies, disasters and preparedness including outdoor activities. Check us out, because “Justice in Quality, Fairness in Price” is our motto.

We follow guidelines recommended by FEMA, emergency management organizations, and experts in emergency preparedness industry, and personal past experience.

Our products include:

BACKPACKS & BAGS – quality made for survival, school or camping or to make your own survival preparedness kit
CAMPING, HUNTING AND OUTDOOR SUPPLIES – food, gear, first aid and more
EMERGENCY TOOLS – shovels rope, waterproof matches, fire starter, communications
ENTERTAINMENT – games and activities for children
FIRST AID KITS & FIRST AID SUPPLIES – for the glove box up to our 4 shelf professional cabinet and first aid items for the workplace or relief efforts
FOOD SUPPLY & SURVIVAL FOOD – for every day, camping (5 year shelf life)
HYGIENE AND SANITATION – portable, hygienic supplies and containment
LIGHTING & COMMUNICATION – wind up phone chargers, flashlights, radios, 30 hour candles
LOCKDOWN KITS – for work, school and organizations (under survival kits)
LONG TERM FOODS – food buckets: from a week supply to a years supply including meals, meats, fruits, vegetables and drinks
PREPAREDNESS PACKAGES – for individuals, families and groups (multiple kits sold as a package)
PREPAREDNESS SEEDS – for your garden or for after a disaster strikes
SHELTER & WARMTH – blankets, tents, body warmers, ponchos
SURVIVAL KITS – complete kits from basic supplies to elite kits includes storm, auto, kids, pets and others – we offer 11 categories

WATER FILTRATION AND PURIFICATION – our systems are used by the U.S. Government and around the world – removes 99.99% viruses, cysts, bacteria

  • GIFT CERTIFICATES – $25.00, $35.00 $50.00, $75.00 and $100.00 and vouchers that you can give

You will find our auto survival kits, disaster emergency kits, emergency survival kits, children’s emergency kits, office and classroom lockdown kits; long-term food storage and first aid kits will benefit you in a storm, hurricane, earthquake, disaster, terrorist activity or just for camping. Your own Emergency Disaster Preparedness is the key to survival.

The water filtration and purification systems, that we proudly provide under our name Emergency Disaster Preparednessare used by such organizations as the U.S. Government, Red Cross, Youth Mission, Boy Scouts of America, Samaritan’s Purse, Mormon Church (LDS Church), NW HardRain Expeditions and a multitude of Local Fire Departments. Preparedness seeds for growing a garden after a disaster are also available.

We follow guidelines recommended by FEMA, the CDC, rthe Red Cross, emergency management organizations, and experts in emergency preparedness industry, and personal past experience.

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