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The Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Difference

Emergency and Disaster Supplier is asked what’s the difference between preparedness companies.

The end of the world?

A well-educated man asked a question today about emergency preparedness to which the answer seemed to surprise the inquirer. The gentleman asked if Just Us Enterprises Emergency Disaster Preparedness was a “survivalist” company. He suggested that many survivalist internet companies are preparing for an end of the world scenario and he does not believe that will occur. He was not sarcastic or demeaning in any way, just interested in the type of company we are. He wanted to compare our company to the many survivalist and apocalyptic preparedness companies on the internet. He stated that they seem to base their businesses on fear, such as a nuclear attack or the Apocalypse itself. He asked, politely but inquisitively, what makes our company so much better since they all seem to be the pretty much the same.

Mohawk Mushroom
Mohawk Mushroom

His question made me realize many people think all emergency and disaster preparedness companies are the same. There is an obvious, although apparently not well known difference between Just Us Enterprises and other “survivalist” companies. I must admit when viewed from the gentleman’s perspective, most prepper websites appear to give the impression that TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) is going to happen soon and you must be prepared for it. Therefore, they instill fear, show cataclysmic events, and speak of doomsday. They sell merchandise not always designed or manufactured with quality and durability in mind, despite the chaos that they predict. They might sell weapons so you can defend your stash of survival supplies. Chaos and anarchy seem to be predominant themes.

I am not suggesting that all prepper websites and survivalist sites are this way, but many are or appear to be fear-mongering entities. They emphasize buying this product or that item for use after the (name the country of your choice) drops the bomb on us. You need to buy this product so when the financial collapse happens you can survive Armageddon. You must have these supplies for whatever hysterical or mysterious purpose suits the seller’s sales pitch.

The Difference

The gentleman’s question, though poignant, was an example of how misunderstood emergency preparedness actually is. Therefore, I explained the difference between us and the other types of survival preparedness establishments that are out there. We consider ourselves practical and conservative, and we tend to advise people to prepare for a major event according to their own budget and peace of mind. We know from experience that real emergency relief can take from a few days up to several weeks before the aftermath of a catastrophe is under control.

There are alternative websites, albeit not apparently very many, real legitimate businesses that do not prey on fear, destruction, and mayhem. Just Us Enterprises is an emergency disaster preparedness and outdoor supplier with a reputable character with the Better Business Bureau (A+ accreditation), member of the New Bern Chamber of Commerce, named a top disaster preparedness supplier and a member of FEMA’s Preparedness Community. We follow government guidelines for people to be prepared for an emergency or a disaster. We offer over 250 quality preparedness products, food, water and water filtration, first aid kits and many outdoor supplies. We do not base our business on fear, but we do believe in helping people be prepared in case of an emergency or a disaster. For that matter for outdoor activities too, such as camping, boating and hiking.

Just Us Enterprises sells only quality products primarily for both the short term, (and to those who want to prepare for the alien invasion) and for camping, RVing and outdoors. We disassociate ourselves from the scare tactics that some use and concentrate on a more reasonable, sensible and practical application of what emergency and disaster preparedness means. We enjoy helping others to be prepared for an event because we experienced a time when we were unprepared and needed emergency supplies. blizzard of 2005 018 (2) (2)Unfortunately, we waited until the last minute and found empty store shelves. Our emergency only lasted a few days because the blizzard closed roads and stores, but it would have been nice to have the supplies we needed to sustain our family for that short span of time. We had no electricity, no heat and very little food.

We learned our lesson and that is how we look at emergency and disaster preparedness. When a severe storm hits, such as a hurricane or the severe blizzard that we endured, it may take several days to a week or two for relief efforts to get to you. Just like those who lived through hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, and had to wait for roads and bridges to open, electricity to be turned back on and to have clean water running through the pipes, you too, also need to have provisions and supplies.

Providing supplies, food and water, and emergency essentials from when the disaster strikes until the time disaster relief arrives is our business. Having quality adequate supplies on hand and prior to a crisis to last until assistance arrives to your location is your business. Everyone needs to be prepared for an emergency or a disaster at least for a short duration, a few days to a few weeks. Anything more than that is optional to the individual’s desires.

Briefly, I explained to the gentleman, you do not need to go overboard with supplies or prepare for a long-term catastrophe, unless you want to, but you do need food, water, a first aid kit and emergency supplies for you and your family if the need arises for short-term preparedness. A pre-made survival kit, emergency kit or preparedness package such as those that we provide, are compact and easily portable.

We invite you to take a look at our website Just Us Enterprises – Emergency Disaster Preparedness, you might be pleasantly surprised at the quality products that we offer.

Remember: Your own emergency disaster preparedness plan is the key to survival, and your survival depends on how well prepared you are.

Let us know what you think, make a suggestion, give us a compliment or ask us a question. You will not be solicited by emails, phone calls or a salesperson. We will just respond and let you decide what to do. By the way, all of our info is fact based and we will give you links when appropriate. Thanks for reading.

Emergency Disaster Preparedness, Planning – Who and What [Part 2 of 9]

Emergency Disaster Planning

Chapter 1.1 and 1.2 Planning – the compiling of lists

1. Who are you Planning for?
2. What are you Preparing for?

Planning for an Emergency or a Disaster

San Diego wildfire 5/14/2014. Courtesy CNN.com
San Diego wildfire 5/14/2014. Courtesy CNN.com

the compiling of many lists, such as contacts, phone numbers, equipment, food and water, location(s) of where to go or where to meet, supplies and the number of people who the preparedness plan will be utilized for. In other words, prepare the logistics of gathering everything and everyone together in advance. The stress of an overwhelming situation is compounded by not having something you need to survive, or still worse, not knowing the condition of a loved one.

Who are you planning for?

Obviously, you are concerned for yourself and your family. Have you thought about your extended family, such as your parents, nieces and nephews, son and daughter-in-laws, grandchildren and close friends? They may not be adequately prepared or not prepared at all for a disaster. Will you turn them away in their time of need? Realistically, if something catastrophic happens to a member of your extended family you will want to take them in, even if you do not have emergency supplies for yourself.

Consider the unknown. Disasters take lives, leave victims and create orphans. A child cannot know what he or she needs to survive a catastrophe. Who will take your child if disaster strikes and leaves them without a parent? Where will they go? As you make your preparedness plan, include provisions for the unexpected. The unexpected is the length of time that it takes for rescue (assuming that there will be a rescue) to arrive, the number of people that you might involuntarily inherit, and of course, the nature of the disaster itself and its aftermath.

While taking into consideration the possibility of anything that can go wrong will go wrong, truthfully, there is a limit as to the number of people you have the ability to provide for. Determine how many people you are preparing for: a single person, a family, group, school, workplace, organization, community or a larger group such as a town, county, state or region. Include in your plan, a plan for additional supplies for the unintended additional people who will want and need supplies. It will not hurt to have a little too much, as opposed to having a little too little.

What are you preparing for?

Are you preparing for an auto breakdown, a blackout, a hurricane, tornado,Tornado from tumblr_n69iusRgeg1qm4we9o1_500 blizzard, an act of terrorism, war or TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World, As We Know It) or even the Apocalypse? Preparing for the inevitable blackout or auto breakdown is simply assembling or purchasing the appropriate emergency kit. Preparing for a widespread disaster, an earthquake or a hurricane for example, may include an Emergency Preparedness Package (multiple survival kits) and additional food, water and supplies. However, if you are preparing for a government collapse, nuclear, biological warfare, or even worse, than you will need the appropriate shelter, food, water and water filtration and purification, supplies and weapons to protect those in your group and your supplies.

We live in a time of turmoil, unexpected severe storms in the waters of our south coast, tornados, though not surprising, are ramping up in the Midwest. Earthquakes in the South Pacific, off the coast of Japan, Nepal and Chile seem to happen more frequently and have much more intensity than in the past. Recently Chile has had a couple of volcanos, as did southern Europe and again in the South Pacific volcanos are spewing. The “Ring of Fire” is alive and filling our sky with soot and ash. Meanwhile, back here in the U.S.A., there is speculation that the faults in California will soon tremble. The Madrid Fault in the Midwest recently started shaking. There is no real agreement if we will experience global warming or global cooling. A recent documentary suggests that the sun, not necessarily mankind, is the root of our climate change.

So, what do you prepare for, you might ask. Firstly, make preparations for a disaster or an emergency with as many supplies that make you feel comfortable. Prepare your emergency disaster plan and supplies according to the types of common disasters that have happened in the local area. Your local Emergency Management Organization can tell you what common hazards are in your area.

Some believe the government will take care of the crisis. Others point out the delays that occurred with government involvement with both hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. The logistics of emergency disaster preparedness for a smaller group is considerably easier and quicker than that of the size of a government mobilization.

FEMA, the CDC, and the American Red Cross recommend a minimum 72-hour emergency preparedness survival kit for each person. The Preparedness industry recommends five to fourteen days. Many preppers, however, suggest many months up to many years of supplies. The common theme here is everyone agrees that everyone needs to have an emergency disaster preparedness plan and survival supplies.

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We now provide emergency, disaster and preparedness products to schools, OEM and fire departments.

Fast Facts |Just Us Enterprises – Emergency Disaster Preparedness

Happy 4th of July America

Courtesy TheSuperCars.org

Here are some interesting fast facts:

Who is the fastest Runner?

  • In only 3:43.13, Morocco’s Hicham El Guerrouj ran the mile on July 7 1999. (Rosenbaum, 2014)

What is a jet’s takeoff speed?

  • This is a complex issue because of the many factors involved. For example, the size of the aircraft, the takeoff weight of the aircraft including the cargo or passengers, the pilot, and the mechanics of the vessel such as the high lift flaps and slats. Depending on these and other factors, research has shown the average takeoff speed is 160 to 180 mph. However, the range varies between 130 to 225 mph to take off. (Airliner Takeoff Speeds, 2002) So, the answer is “it depends.”

What was the fastest recorded wind speed?

  • In 1934, Mount Washington, New Hampshire recorded wind speed at 231 mph.

What is the fastest recorded hurricane wind speed?

What is the World’s Fastest Car?

What is the Fastest Train?

  • The world’s fastest train is located in China, is the Shangai Maglev Train, with a recorded top speed of 311 mph. but its top operating speed is 268 mph. (Gross, Doug CNN, 2014)

What is the fastest tornado wind speed?


These very interesting facts of speed indicate that no matter the mode of transportation, airplane, car, or train, you may not be able to out run a tornado, wildfire or other disaster. How fast are you able to prepare for an emergency? Do you have the proper supplies?

Ironically, I am writing this while Hurricane Arthur is outside bending trees and flooding streets, but that is another story about preparing for a major storm.

Just a reminder, your own Emergency Disaster Preparednessis the key to survival, and your survival depends on how well prepared you are. If you need help with an emergency disaster preparedness product, or emergency disaster preparedness planning, just contact us.

Just Us Enterprises the Emergency Disaster Preparedness company.


Shelter in Place, the New Duck and Cover | Just Us Enterprises

Shelter in Place, the New Duck and Cover | Just Us Enterprises

Our most precious resource 

Our most valued treasure is our children.
Our most valued treasure is our children.

is not oil, gold or money, it is our children, and for those without children, our pets. No two children are identical and it is this individual uniqueness that gives us hope for the future. It is our children that we hold so closely to our hearts that develops the future of our society, our culture and our world. We protect our children, not because we want them to take care of us in our old age, but because it is the children that will carry forward our hopes, our dreams, and our futures.

It does not matter what material possessions you have, you cannot teach a material object to do anything beyond its natural ability. Oil does not naturally flow uphill, gold does not learn, and money expresses no emotion. Children have exuberance, have a willingness to acquire knowledge, and show a wide range of emotions. We are the future of our ancestors, as our children are our future. Our parents, protected, fed, clothed and loved us. Life and circumstances were different, but essentially, it was our ancestor’s teachings and experiences that produced the people that we are now. Our parents were not perfect, and neither are we, but rich or poor, our children need our protection, our guidance and most of all, our love.

Over the centuries, our great country was engaged in comparatively few wars, and blessed with abundant natural resources. America today is a superpower, but we are threatened by diseases, world conflict and acts of aggression. Terrorism threatens not only us, but also our children. As youngsters ourselves, we never consciously thought that a fellow student would bring a firearm to school and shoot, maim and kill classmates. Today, sadly, violence in schools and work is commonplace.

As a parent, you want only the best for your child. We send them off to school believing they are safe. We go to our jobs subconsciously thinking we are in relative safety. Then we hear the latest news, “Shots fired, students killed, campus is under a shelter in place order.”  No, we cannot always be there to protect our loved ones, but we can and should at least provide them with emergency supplies so that if or when a terrible situation such as this occurs, they will be prepared.

Mohawk Mushroom
Mohawk Mushroom

Years ago during the cold war and the Cuban missile crisis, children were taught to “Duck and Cover.” This was a senseless attempt to protect children in classrooms by teaching them to duck under a desk and to take cover from a nuclear blast. In those days some protection, even from that of a nuclear explosion, though futile, was considered better than nothing. In today’s world, we worry less about a foreign country delivering a nuclear attack and more about the student with a grudge. Now, it seems that we have more government and law enforcement personnel than students, and yet, school crises’ are occurring more frequently. Shelter in place orders abound. Schools, colleges, universities and workplaces are all preparing for that dreaded breaking news.

Put yourself in the child’s place, where you have to go through security to enter your school, being constantly monitored (’for your own safety”), and now you are in a lockdown situation. What do you do? How would you prepare? The answer is up to the parents, educators and law enforcement agencies. Every school and campus must be prepared with quality lockdown kits. Emergency disaster preparedness must be done in advance of a situation, not during or after.

When a school turns to war zone

Imagine that you are in this situation. When a school is under a shelter in place order, the lockdown could last for several hours. With the possibility that the perpetrator is in the hall, closet or another classroom, leaving the classroom is forbidden. You have no food, no water, and no bathroom. You would be under extreme stress, while the shots are fired, and bullets are

A similar Bushmaster rifle was used in the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, Killing 26.
A similar Bushmaster rifle was used in the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, Killing 26.

ricocheting off the walls and lockers, echoing throughout the building. The smell of gunpowder burns your nose and the screams of faculty and students deafen your ears. Maybe you slipped on some blood of a fellow student or teacher. Was that a body you had to step over? The screeching of sirens and bullhorns, and the yelling of first responders add to the chaos. The flashing of emergency vehicle lights reflecting off the windows and seeing hundreds of law enforcement with their weapons drawn and pointing at the school (you), heightens your fear. Imagine being a teacher with 25 or more terrified crying students in the classroom for several hours. Imagine this real life situation as if you were a child.

How long can you hold your water after 2 or 3 cups of coffee? Think of the children; the fear and the trauma of the event, and then compound that with the embarrassment of wetting or soiling himself or herself. People must have a place to go or unsanitary conditions could develop, potentially affecting other students with disease from human waste. Have a classroom lockdown kit in the classroom for just such a possibility. You may never be in a war zone, but your children might be – in their own school.

Written in memory of all children who perished under these and similar circumstances. Let us rise up and honor those young lives and prepare others who may face the school war zone.

St. Valentine – From Legend to Lockdown

Valentine’s Day as we know it, is a day to show our love to our girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands, partners and families. It is a day of giving simple gifts such as flowers, a box of candy or a note to a loved one.  It is a day to share your love, but how did this day come about?Rose Bouquet One would not readily think that a Saint’s beheading would have much to do with a day of love, but the truth of the matter is these two things are related.

The fascinating story, according to History.com, takes place about 278 A.D. Emperor Claudius II (also known as Claudius the Goth and Claudius the Cruel) ruled the Roman Empire with savagery and ruthlessness. Emperor Claudius, concerned about the Empire’s diminishing armies, believed that the root cause of the lack of recruitment of men was the attachment they had for their wives and families.

The solution; to the lack of solders; thought Claudius, was to forbid engagements and marriages. Claudius II must have thought that without a wife or family to be concerned about, the armies’ forces would increase in number. However, there was a man, Valentine, who opposed the Emperor, and secretly married lovers. Eventually, Valentine’s acts, of uniting lovers, were discovered. Due to his actions for disobeying the Emperor, Valentine’s sentence, issued by the Prefect of Rome, was to be brutally beaten,  stoned, and beheaded. The date, February 14, the approximate year, 270.

According to legend, during his incarceration, Valentine becameSt. Valentine friends with the jailer’s daughter, and is also credited, by God’s enabling power, for giving her sight. Before his cruel execution, Valentine wrote a last parting note to her and signed it “From Your Valentine.”

Valentine signifies the love that we have for each other by his refusal to renounce Christianity. He showed us the strength of love and he gave his life for it. Sainthood followed his death.

Love for your wives and family, which is why Claudius II banned marriages, got in the way of his military conquests. Can you imagine not being able to be married or engaged? Can you imagine not having the right to be with or protect your family?

How many times must we endure the tragic events we are witnessing in our schools today? Violence in elementary, middle and high schools are happening more and more frequently. Weapons and violence on our college campuses has increased significantly. “Shelter in place” orders, also known as lockdowns, are commonplace.

Guardian Deluxe Classroom Lockdown Kit

Prepare yourself and your loved ones, with an emergency disaster preparedness plan. Order a lockdown kit for your child’s classroom; have your PTA order classroom lockdown kits. Let us go out there, protect our children and prepare them for emergencies. Let us show our children that we may not always be there with them, but at least when an emergency exists, your child will have emergency supplies. You may not be sainted for your contribution of love to your organization, but you have shown the love.

From Your Valentine,

First Aid Kits | First Aid Kit Contents | Just Us Enterprises

First Aid Kits come in many sizes and shapes, and vary in their contents. The American Red Cross recommends keeping a first aid kit in the home, car, work place, and where you have access to one. In addition to your work vehicle or school, campers, hunters, fishermen, and hikers understand how important it is to be prepared in the event of an emergency. The value of a properly maintained first aid kit could save a life.

The First Aid Kit should include:

  • a contact list with names and contact numbers (to include family members and doctors)
  • medications and a list of those medications

    2 Shelf First Aid Cabinet
    2 Shelf First Aid Cabinet
  • hygiene kit
  • flashlight (with extra batteries)
  • replenish the first aid kit’s contents regularly

The First Aid Kit could include:

  • food or food bars
  • water or water pouches
  • warmth (space, thermal blanket)
  • sewing kit
  • oral thermometer (non-mercury/not glass)
  • over the counter medicines (cough medicine, ibuprofen, iodide)

The size of the first aid kit generally will dictate its contents. The smaller the size, the less the kit contains. If you carry your lunch (do people still carry their lunch?), you may keep a small kit with it or in your purse. The mid-size first aid kits are the best value for small and medium size families or groups. Following the American Red Cross’s recommendations closely, our 183 Piece and 10 Person First Aid Kits provide comprehensive injury protection.

Recommended First Aid Kit Contents

20 – Adhesive Bandage 3″ x 3/4″ 4 – Examination Gloves
20 – Adhesive Bandage 3″ x 1″ 6 – First Aid Cream
2 – Knuckle Bandage 1 – Tweezers
2 – Fingertip Bandage 6 – Burn Cream
2 – Butterfly Closure 6 – Sting Relief Pads
1 – Roll Tape 10 – Alcohol Pads
2 – Triangular Bandage w/safety pins 20 – Antiseptic Towelettes
1 – Trauma Pad (5 x 9) 1 – First Aid Guide
2 – Gauze Pad 4″ x 4″ 10 – Cotton Tip Applicators
4 – Gauze Pad 3″ x 3″ 1 – Lancet (Splinter Removers)
4 – Gauze Pad 2″ x 2″ 1 – Gauze Roll  2″
183 Piece First AId Kit
183 Piece First AId Kit

The larger size first aid kits provide maximum contents in a minimal space, a must have for auto shops, and small businesses. Purchase a well-made kit for your home, auto, work or activity and know it will be a part of your emergency disaster preparedness supplies. Larger first aid kits include filtration masks, cold compresses and much more. Two shelf, three shelf and four shelf first aid cabinets are also available. Leaders in the emergency disaster industry designed these first aid kits, which are an inexpensive first aid preparedness for offices, factory floors, warehouses and shops.

4 Shelf First Aid Cabinet
4 Shelf First Aid Cabinet

So the next time you use a utility knife, during a major ice-storm and cut the tip of your finger off, you will have the necessary first aid on hand. Sure beats the paper towel and electrical tape idea.

Prepare for the future, today, and have a safe tomorrow.

Frozen Pipes, Boilers, Wood Stoves

Hello America,

In this extreme cold, many are having frozen pipes even though the boiler is running and the wood stove is keeping them warm, but the heating pipes are on the outside walls. Many people think of frozen pipes only as a part of their plumbing system, sinks, toilets and drains. However, some folks forget about their hot water heating systems. This could become a homeowner’s nightmare. The following is a true story that took place in a quaint coastal Cape Cod town, Eastham, Massachusetts.

It was an extremely cold and blustery, snowy night. The temperatures were in the single digits with wind chill well below zero. Its was just a coastal storm, not a Nor’easter.  The depth of the snow prevented me from driving into the driveway, which was significant in length. The owner of the house was a wonderful lady with an optimism that gushed from her, like the drifts of snow that I had to walk through.


The owner explained that she had no heat in the living room and she was cold when she went into that room. After a few moments to diagnose the source of the problem, I located the problem. The boiler was running and up to temperature at about 180º, but the heating pipe coming up from the basement, to the baseboard heat, was frozen. Not only frozen solid but the pipes and baseboard were split in several locations. Even though only a short time passed, we could hear the loud thud in other areas of the room where the pipe was bursting under the strain. The temperature read 46º in the living room, on an inside wall.

In another area of the home, she had a wood stove going with a pot of water on top to add humidity to the air. The temperature in the kitchen, 79º. The thermostat in the hall read 65º but set for 63º, because, she said, burning wood was less expensive.  The point is,  even though the thermostat was in a different area of the home, the wood stove kept the boiler from coming on, by satisfying the set point on the thermostat. The exterior walls are the coldest walls, and the wind will find every crack and crevice and work its way in. The blowing wind combined with the cold found one elbow and started to freeze it. As the heating system did not call for heat because the thermostat was satisfied, the freezing continued and followed the perimeter of the room. The cost of the repairs alone far outweighed the savings she may have gained.

If you have a hot water heating system (hydronic forced hot water, or gravity hot water), and use a supplemental heating system such as a coal, wood or pellet burning stove, you could run into frozen pipes. In an icicle, here is why:

a) the heat from the wood burning stove, pellet or coal stove will satisfy the thermostat
b) the thermostat,when satisfied, will not allow the heating system to run
c) cold drafts from cracks in the walls, slightly open windows and doors, and/or lack of insulation will cause baseboard and piping (normally run along exterior walls) to freeze because the water is standing still.
  • Know where the water shut off to your boiler is,  hang a tag on it for future reference. You just might save yourself extensive and expensive repairs, and still keep the water trickling throughout the rest of the house, preventing further damage.
  • If you have an electronic thermostat, similar to the one pictured, remember to replace the battery. If the battery fails, the thermostat will not send a signal to your heating system to tell it to come on.

We recommend, when temperatures are extremely cold, to rely on the heating system to heat the home. Yes, it is more expensive to run, but the alternative may be to repair frozen pipes, walls, floors, ceilings and potential flooding when the pipes thaw. The extra cost, just could be worth it.